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Vehicle Technical Inspection in Spain

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We’re all familiar with the dreaded annual MOT for vehicles in the UK, and the panic that sets in beforehand when we’re not sure if the car we’ve been handed down by a relative or the second-hand wagon we’ve bought off a stranger will even pass the test. Guess what, folks? The bad news is that more or less the same is required in Spain. If you’re not clued up on the ins and outs of the Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV), check out our post below.

What exactly does the Vehicle Technical Inspection entail?

The ITV is a preventive maintenance test required by law in which a vehicle is inspected periodically by a certified mechanic, who verifies compliance with the applicable safety regulations and emissions standards. The mechanic checks the registration plate and chassis number against the documentation you provide, before assessing the exterior condition of the vehicle: the bodywork, windshield, and so on. He or she then moves on to a crucial section of the test - safety. This involves assessing the brakes, lights, suspension, tyres and so forth. The final stage involves making sure that the vehicle does not exceed the levels of emissions set out in European Directives.

vehicle technical inspection by a mechanic

When am I required to undergo a Vehicle Technical Inspection in Spain?

This all depends on the type and age of the vehicle you own. By way of illustration, a standard car that is under four years old is exempt. When it is between four and 10 years old, it must undergo the test every two years. Lastly, if it is over ten years old, unfortunately the law stipulates it to pass the test annually to prove its roadworthiness and therefore ensure the safety of you and others. This same structure, i.e., differentiating between age, also applies to other types of vehicles. For further information on the frequency at which your vehicle must undergo the ITV in Spain, click here

Where do I have to take my vehicle for the inspection?

There are hundreds of certified testing centres across Spain, which are essentially mechanics/garages that have obtained the relevant accreditation. The autonomous regions in Spain have devolved powers insofar as the Vehicle Technical Inspection is concerned, so prices may vary. To find your nearest testing centre, visit the website for your regional government where a list of certified centres can be found. Or, if you prefer, you can check by province

How much does the ITV cost?

As mentioned in the previous section, the cost of the inspection varies from region to region and obviously depends on the type of vehicle you own. To get an idea of prices, consult the individual garage/centre.

tools used in a vehicle technical inspection

What documentation is required?

  • ID: Passport/NIE/DNI
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Technical data sheet from last ITV passed, if applicable
  • Certification of obligatory insurance. Don’t forget that you must bring proof of payment of the vehicle insurance.

What are the different results of the test?

There are four possible outcomes of the technical inspection:

  1. Favourable with no faults
  2. Favourable with minor faults
  3. Unfavourable
  4. Fail

It is important to bear in mind that if your vehicle obtains an unfavourable or fail, driving will not be permitted. You will then have one month to return to the testing centre to repeat the test, having fixed all of the previously detected faults.

If your vehicle passes the test, you will be eligible to take out, at least, the obligatory insurance.  Discover the different car insurance plans available at Caser by downloading the free guide below:

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