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Weather Forecast in Spain: HOT! Your Guide to Combating the Heat

Food, Health and Wellness

High temperatures in Spain are a reality throughout the country, just look at the weather forecast in Spain these days. Every spring seems to bring the hottest summer on record, yet again...For the vast majority of people, elevated temperatures don’t cause a problem; after all, the sun means longer days and more free time. In fact, the sunny weather, outdoor terraces, and days on the beach or by the pool are the reason why many people decide to move to Spain. Even so, you should take care of your health and protect yourself from the sun, thus avoiding the minor health problems that can cause you more than just a headache. 

watch our for the weather forecast in spain and take health precautions

We recommend that you take special care of your health in summer, especially if you live in the interior of the country where there is no access to the fresh ocean water. There's nothing worse than Madrid weather in summer! To give you and your family greater control, it’s always worth having a private health insurance which will offer you the best health cover on the market, with flexible products that adapt to your needs and those of your family, so you can avoid any incidents this summer.

the weather forecast in spain is always sunny

Weather Forecast in Spain: Sunny! Top Tips for Combating Heat

The sun’s rays are an excellent source of vitamin D and can greatly improve our mood. On the other hand, as well as tanning our skin the UVA rays can damage the immune system and cause some more serious health problems. To avoid these effects, it’s advisable not to spend too much time exposed to the sun, to use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and to avoid the hours when the sun’s at its strongest (from 12 midday to 4 pm).

If you love the summer, the beach, the sun, and a perfect tan don’t forget to...

  1. Apply sunscreen frequently when doing any outdoor activity.
  2. Wear sunglasses which have a UV filter.
  3. Wear a hat or cap that protects your head from the sun.
  4. Avoid going outside during the hottest hours of the day (between 12 midday and 4 pm).
  5. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, white meat and fish. You can enjoy excellent seasonal dishes such as fresh salads, gazpacho or natural juices.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids and hydrate your body, even if you aren’t thirsty. Don’t forget that it’s essential to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
    the weather forecast in spain is always sunny which means you can eat outside a lot
  7. Wear light, comfortable and breathable clothing.
  8. Do play sports, however you should always avoid the hottest times of day. It’s best to do any activities in the morning from 7 am to 9 am, or in the evening from 8 pm to 10 pm.
  9. Air conditioning is not the only remedy for the heat. It’s a good idea to ventilate your house in the coolest hours. You can also put up awnings or blinds.
  10. Avoid using appliances that produce heat (such as ovens or irons) during the warmest hours of the day and alternate the use of air conditioning with ceiling or wall fans.
  11. Although it sounds like a motherly advice, don’t make sudden changes in temperature, especially when you’re at the beach or by the pool. Remember to enter the water gradually.

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