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Best Bike Routes in Valencia, Spain

Expat to-do list

Biking is a healthy and enjoyable activity for people of all ages. Valencia is a super bike-friendly city because of the many bike lanes, the flat surface, and the mild and mostly dry climate. Valencia has the best urban bike routes in Spain. The city of Valencia has expanded the bike lanes in the last five years from 123 kilometres in 2014 to 156 kilometres at this very moment. I am a huge fan of biking in Spain; on a daily basis, I take Dutch and Belgium tourists on a bike tour through the city, from the Turia Park to the City of Arts & Science. Besides the tours I give, I also like to ride my bike in my free time.

Bike tours in Valencia are very popular. For tourists, it’s always very nice way to see the highlights of a city in a three-hour bike ride. Despite what you may think, it is not tiring at all. After people have seen the most important touristic scenes, it is a great idea to do your own bike exploring. Below, I have suggested some of my favourite bike trails and routes for the more adventurous people.

Port Saplaya and Alboraya

To start this route, go to the Malvarossa beach and bike along the boulevard all the way up north to Port Saplaya. Port Saplaya is a nice little harbour village. From there you go to the Alboraya and the agriculture area. This is famous for its Horchata, a local drink made of tigernuts (chufa). From there head back to the city of Valencia. The bike route is about 25 kilometres in total.

CUERPO valencia bike routes

Albufera Natural Reserve

From the City of Arts and Science, you head in a southeast direction. First you pass the port and you will find the beach south of the port and the village of Pinedo. After you pass El Saler and have seen the beautiful views over the Albufera lake, you will finally find the village of El Palmar, where you can eat the best paellas. After lunch, you go back in the same direction that you came from. This route is 40 kilometres.

Village of Manises

Manises is a small village that is known for its ceramics. You can follow the Turia Park in direction away from the sea. After the park ends near the Bioparc, it turns into an off-road gravel bike trail. This is even better if you have a mountain bike. After a few kilometres, you’ll find yourself biking along the Turia River. Manises is the second village after Quart de Poblet. This round-trip total is 25 kilometres long.

For the most part, these bike routes in Valencia, Spain are regular bike lanes. They are easily accessible and fun to do with the whole family. I hope you enjoy your time in Valencia and I would love to hear about your bike experience. If you’d like a guided tour, you can always contact me at Fit In Valencia.

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