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Pet Insurance - Caser WeCAN Live

Hey, human! I’ve designed this insurance to protect my health and your wallet.

You look after me. You make me feel part of the family. And now, you can make sure my health doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg with this pet insurance coverage, as Caser WeCAN Live covers 100% of any lifesaving treatment. Say goodbye to your concerns about the most expensive vet treatments: operations, hospitalisations, tests... Caser covers the cost if something serious happens to me.

No maximum limit

If the vet bill is above €800, we’ll reimburse you 100%, plus there is no upper limit

Over-the-phone vet assistance

24/7 help for doubts and emergencies concerning your pet

Free choice

Go to your trusted vet or any other clinic in Spain

Welcome to the only pet insurance that covers 100% of the cost of treatment.

1. Something unexpected happens

Dogs, just like humans, are not invincible! You have public or private health care and if something serious happens, you’re covered... but what about me? If something unexpected happens to me, whether it’s an illness or accident, it’s up to you and your money to help.

2. Could you afford it?

€3,000, €5,000 or more? Don’t worry, if you’ve taken out Caser WeCAN Liv, Caser Expat Insurance will pay for 100% of the treatment: hospitalization, operation, tests, in-clinic administration of medication… the whole works!

3. 100% reimbursement

If the vet bill is over €800, Caser Expat Insurance reimburses 100% of the cost, plus there is no upper limit!

On top of that, you can take me to any clinic you want!

What else does the Caser WeCAN Live Pet Insurance cover?

The pet insurance coverage not only reimburses you for the vet costs that put a dent in your wallet, but also takes care of your furry friend 24 hours a day with no need for you to travel, as you will always have access to a vet on your mobile. Plus, if your pet causes damage or harm to a third party, we’ll take care of it for you. Caser WeCAN Live offers the following cover:

Basic Coverage

Reimbursement of vet expenses

Reimbursement of 100% of vet costs, including diagnostic tests, clinical analyses, in-clinic administration of medication, surgery, general visits, hospitalization… when your pet has an accident or illness and the total expenses are upwards of €800.

Over-the-phone vet assistance

Veterinary consultation service with professionals to address any emergency, doubt or need you may have regarding your pet’s health. Over-the-phone and online chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Optional Coverage

Third party liability

We cover the costs incurred by your pet as a result of harm or damage to third parties, up to a total of €180,000, without distinction between breeds.

Excess: €300/claim.

IMPORTANT: This optional cover must be taken out alongside the Legal Defence cover

Legal defense

We guarantee your peace of mind against any legal claim. This cover includes:

  • Criminal defence: your criminal defence is guaranteed in proceedings for non-contractual damages caused to third parties by your insured pet which are claimed under criminal law.
  • Claims for damages to third parties caused by your pet.
  • Defence against pet-related administrative offences: including drawing up defence submissions and preparing administrative appeals against fines. Over-the-phone legal assistance for pet-related matters.

IMPORTANT: This optional cover must be taken out alongside the Third-Party Liability cover.

General Conditions Caser WECAN Live

Are you willing to risk paying a fortune in case something unexpected happens?

Some vet bills for your pet can set you back thousands: treatment for a slipped disk costs around €4,000. Surgery for intestinal blockage can cost up to €2,500. Cancer treatment with surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Another €4,000. But this all costs €0 with this pet insurance. Protect your pet’s health and avoid exorbitant vet bills.

Caser WeCAN Live is your pet insurance coverage, which will be set at a fixed premium, regardless of the type of pet, age or breed.

€159 / year per pet

With the full range of cover, including Third-Party Liability and Legal Defence.

Or, if you prefer, you can also take it out without the optional cover for €119/year per pet.

This pet insurance coverage is aimed at you if...

  • You want to make sure your pet is protected no matter what without worrying about the bills

    Sometimes what’s best for your pet isn’t what’s best for your wallet. After all, your furry friend can suffer unforeseen health problems that end up eating into your savings. With Caser WeCAN Live, you make sure that the insurer covers all of the bills, from €800 and above.

  • You want to avoid the heartache and moral conflict you endure when you can’t treat your pet

    Because if you can’t afford to cover the vet bills if your pet falls ill or is involved in a serious accident, you might have to make the decision to put it down. With Caser WeCAN Live, you’re guaranteed the possibility of saving its life.

  • You want to quickly address concerns and urgent queries about your pet

    With this pet insurance, you’ll have access to over-the-phone vet assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus, it’s free and unlimited.

  • You want to be able to afford to take care of a potential claim from a third party

    Because your pet may unintentionally cause harm or damage to another person, and in these cases, Caser WeCAN Live will cover the compensation to those affected.

What else do you need to know about Caser WeCAN Live Pet Insurance?

What do I need to do if my pet has an accident or is diagnosed with a serious illness?

You must call us within 7 days of learning about the illness or accident and inform us of the circumstances. And as soon as the sum of the accumulated vet bills exceeds €800, the reimbursement cover will be activated.

What vet treatments are reimbursed?

All those carried out as a result of an illness or accident suffered by your pet: visits, hospitalisation, surgery, diagnostic tests, lab analyses, in-clinic administration of medication... We reimburse you in full when the amount exceeds €800. A 60-day waiting period is applicable in the event of an illness.

Can I pay for insurance in instalments?

Yes. You can pay your insurance annually or, if you prefer, you can pay on a half-yearly or quarterly basis with no applicable surcharge.

What breeds can I insure? Is there an age limit for the pet?

You can take out this insurance for dogs and cats, whatever their breed and as long as they are between 4 months and 8 years of age.

Does this insurance include day-to-day visits to the vet?

For general veterinary queries or emergencies, Caser WeCAN Live offers over-the-phone vet assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This insurance is designed to lift any financial concerns about high vet costs, including treatments, diagnostic tests, surgery, medication, etc.

For your routine visits to the vet, we offer Caser WeCAN Check. This pet insurance includes free in-person visits and check-ups, as well as the rabies vaccine.

If you want to be able to check your pet’s health on a day-to-day basis and have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be able to save its life in the event of an unexpected illness or accident, we suggest taking out our Caser WeCAN Live + Caser WeCAN Check pack. Now, you can take out both policies together for €325/year per pet.

Are any illnesses covered or are they exclusions?

When it comes to protecting your pet, there should be no need for small print. So, on this note, the following is not covered by Caser WeCAN Live:

  • Prevention, vaccinations and deworming.
  • Microchip, neutering, caesarean section or dystocia.
  • Pre-existing and hereditary diseases (e.g. dysplasia)
  • Aesthetic surgical procedures.
  • Diseases caused by failure to comply with the official vaccination schedule (e.g. rabies).
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