Excess refund

If in the event of using the funeral service the costs are less than the insured sum, we will reimburse the unused amount to your beneficiaries

Repatriation options

Option of repatriation of the deceased to the country of origin

Staggered pricing model

Pay lower premiums during the first few years with no trade-offs

Global coverage

Policy applicable worldwide

See the coverage and services included in our Expatriate Funeral Insurance

Repatriation of the deceased to the country of origin; 

Or Burial and cremation, chosen at the discretion of the insured party’s family:

  •  Coffin
  •  Hearse
  • Accompanying car
  • Shroud
  • Fresh wreath
  • Obituary
  • Documentation, certificates, proceedings, administrative formalities
  • Religious services
  • Home service or funeral parlour
  • Cemetery service
  • Burial (interment) or cremation
  • Temporary burial site
  • Marble or granite headstone for burial site
  • Personalised assistance


Note: If the Repatriation service to the country of origin is chosen, the funeral services will not be provided in that country. If the funeral option in Spain is chosen instead, the corresponding services will be adapted to the uses and customs of the place chosen by your family for the burial or cremation, complete with the guaranteed quality of Caser.

  • Special mortuary services for the children of the insured woman, exclusively on Spanish territory, if the death were to occur during the pregnancy or within the first 30 days following birth.


On any type of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings, provided neither as a definitive legal opinion nor as professional defence advice.


  • Civil law
    Automobile: accidents (reports and claims), misdemeanours and offences, blood alcohol level issues, fines and appeals, permits, authorisations, cancellations, and motor vehicle inspection (ITV).

    house sales and purchases, mortgages, property records, evictions, imperfections and defects in construction, commonhold property, resident associations, and neighbour problems.

    Property, possession, usufruct, inheritances, successions and donations, rental, easement, and intellectual property.

    Separations, divorces and annulments, adoption, tutorship, legal custody and legal incapacity, marriage, paternity, kinship, nationality, residence, pensions, and inheritances.

    marital property system,, buying and selling, rentals, loans, deposits, banking contracts, leasing.


  • Labour law
    Work contracts (pay, extensions, and terminations), redundancies, sanctions, regulatory reports, work accidents, work incapacity and disability, and social security.


  • Administrative law
    Tax-related: infractions, sanctions, inspections and appeals, taxes (VAT, income tax, corporate, transmission, succession) and capital gains.

    inspections and sanctions, contracts, transports and plants.

    Assistance in fines, dealings with public administrations, and town planning.


  • Criminal law
    Misdemeanours, reports, quarrels, lesions, threats, injury, calumny, theft, robbery, fraud, misappropriation, medical and clinical liability.


  • Trade law
    Limited companies (ltd), guilds, assemblies, acts, trade registry, industrial property (patents and brands) trade contracts, bankruptcy and payment suspension; claims in summary, declaratory, and foreclosure proceedings; associations and cooperatives, consumer and user rights, claims, publicity, and deliveries.

What are the limits on over-the-phone legal guidance?

This service is solely for legal guidance and will be carried out exclusively by duly qualified personnel. Under no circumstances shall guidance provided be considered a definitive legal opinion or professional defence in any type of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings.

  • Accompanying party in the event of an international transfer
    Ticket for a return flight in tourist class or other suitable means of transport to accompany the body during the transfer.


  • If the accompanying party is required to stay in the place of death for paperwork or similar administrative purposes related to the transfer of the deceased, Caser will reimburse room and board expenses for an amount up to €90.15 per day with a total limit of €601.01.
  • Assistance abroad is valid for Spanish residents.
  • The maximum stay abroad cannot exceed 90 consecutive days.

How it works:

The main feature of Caser Expatriate Funeral Insurance in Spain is that the insurance premium progressively gets higher, allowing you to pay less the younger you are.

The premiums increase until the age of 76. From this moment onwards, the amount only increases annually according to the cost of the funeral service. This is equivalent to an annual inflation-linked increase in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


The sum insured is high enough to cover all the expenses that would be incurred in the event of death, and is calculated based on your country of origin. 


Our fair commitment


In the event of using the funeral service, if the cost of providing the service is less than the insured sum, we will reimburse the unused amount to your beneficiaries.