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Answer your questions on Car Insurance

We want you to rely on us

We aim to offer you useful, transparent and quality information about your auto insurance. Below are our clients most frequently asked questions.

Take out a policy

Simply your date of birth and the date your driving licence was issued. Please note that the driving licence must either be Spanish or validated in Spain and that your identification must also be Spanish.
Yes. Caser Car Insurance offers the possibility to pay in instalments, provided that the value of the premium is greater than €100. You can pay annually or in six-monthly or quarterly payments.
All Caser car insurance policies run for one year. There is always an option to renew your policy.
You can take out a policy from the age of 25. There is no upper age limit as long as you hold a valid driving licence. Please note that the premium may vary according to the age of the driver and the length of time they have held their driving licence.
The premium and terms of your car insurance policy can vary from year to year. The age of the vehicle, the age of the driver and your claim history will all affect the renewal premium.
If you already hold car or motorcycle insurance with us, you are eligible to our MultiCar policy and you will benefit from a discounted premium on any further vehicle that you ensure with us.
Due to Caser internal regulations, comprehensive insurance with no excess is not currently available. What's more, comprehensive insurance cover with no excess would cost you more - bear in mind that a comprehensive cover is appropriate for a new car which is worth much more than a car that is several years old.

Your Questions answered

Yes, of course. You can always take out a car insurance policy which covers different drivers. Ensure you provide us with the details of everyone that the policy will cover. Remember that the number of drivers can affect the premium of your car insurance.
The date of registration of a car is very important as it shows the age of a car, the accident history of the vehicle, etc. The age of your car can affect your premium and even affect whether we can insure the vehicle.
There is no maximum defined age limit for the vehicle that you can insure. However, if your vehicle is a certain age there may be exceptions that apply. Vehicles over 15 years old are limited to fire, windscreen and own damage cover. Vehicles over 25 years old are not covered by public liability insurance.
The driving licence issue date is essential for a company to calculate the price of your premium. There is a big difference between holding a driving licence for one year and for ten years. The age of the driver is also important.

I now have my insurance policy... what now?

The postcode is a risk factor which is assessed in the calculation of your insurance premium. Driving in the capital city is a completely different situation to driving in a small rural town. The price may change significantly from one area to another, even within the same province. As you know, the majority of incidents occur on short journeys.
We have an extensive network of approved garages across Spain, specialised in all makes of car which have our service and quality guarantee. Ask us without obligation about our premium garages network.

Of course, you can cancel your insurance whenever you like. Remember to do so at least one month before your renewal date otherwise your insurance policy will be automatically renewed.

Cancellation does not guarantee the refund of the premium that covers the remainder of the policy.

If you need to cancel your policy due to sale of the vehicle, we will require proof of the transfer of the vehicle: a vehicle registration certificate in the name of the new owner, the records from the Spanish traffic authority where the transfer was recorded or the form 620 transfer tax record.

A change to the policyholder can usually be made in the case of death of the policyholder, provided that the proposed replacement policyholder has already been included on the policy for a significant period of time. In this way, any accrued discount or no claims bonus will be honoured in the premium.

In the case of the policyholder being a corporate entity, a change to the policyholder may be made if a business has ceased to trade or when the named driver wishes to change the policy to their own name.

In all other cases, any accrued discount or no claims bonus will not be honoured.


Yes. It is a replacement vehicle, not a substitute, and it will be in your name
Caser Car Insurance will take care of all the costs and charges resulting from transfer of the vehicle.
The replacement vehicle will have a one year guarantee, however for an additional cost we also offer a Mechanical Warranty to cover serious incidents, allowing you greater peace of mind.
Caser will take care of all costs relating to the transfer of the vehicle to where you need it, always keeping you with the status of your car. If you wish to see the car in person before taking ownership of it, however, this will be at your own expense.
There are always a range of vehicles to choose from so we don’t expect this to happen. If you still can't find anything you like, however, Caser will pay you 120%* of the market value of your vehicle.


Not at all. MultiCar is simply a promotional offer that does not affect the conditions or the cover that you hold.

Absolutely! The only requirement is that you already hold at least one car or motorcycle insurance policy with Caser. The discount will apply to any further policy.