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How to make a complaint or claim?

CASER's Policyholder Defence Service (S.D.A.) is exclusively responsible for attending to and resolving complaints and claims presented by its clients, when these refer to legally recognised interests and rights.

The S.D.A. is not intended to resolve incidents related to the issuance and collection of your policies or the processing of claims, for which you should contact the telephone numbers that appear in the contractual documentation of your policy or through the office or mediator with whom you contracted it.

When you need to file a complaint or claim with the S.D.A., consult the Regulations of the Insured Party Defence Service (*), which determines and regulates its activity, as well as the procedures for the presentation and processing of complaints and claims arising from the contractual relationship.

Who can make a claim?

Policyholders, insured parties, beneficiaries and injured third parties, as well as participants and beneficiaries of occupational and associated pension plans, or the successors of any of them.

How to claim?

  • By means of the online claim form, filling in all the fields and necessarily those marked with * (obligatory field), which will allow us to correctly process your complaint or claim. Go to the online complaint form. Go to the online complaint form.
  • By means of the Complaint Form provided below (**), or by means of another written document that meets the requirements indicated in article 5 of the aforementioned Regulations, presented in person or by means of accredited representation:


The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform for contracts offered through the Internet or other electronic means, which is available at the following link: Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

How we resolve your complaint?

As soon as possible, the customer will receive a reply from the S.D.A., also in writing.

In the event of disagreement with the pronouncement issued or if a period of one month has elapsed without the Insured Party's Defence Service having issued its resolution, the insured party may file a complaint or claim with the Complaints Service of the Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones (Paseo de la Castellana, 44, 28046-Madrid), for which purpose he can request the corresponding form from us or obtain it directly via the Internet:


(*) Regulations of the Insured's Defence Service

(**) Claims Form.