No installation needed

No installation needed

Easy to use. No visits to the garage or any extra installation on your motorcycle are necessary.


>Instant geolocation in the event of an accident

Instant geolocation in the event of an accident

We will only receive your location if you fall off your motorbike, never before. Safety to save your life, not to control you.

How can I get the Caser ReMoto device?

This is a unique and groundbreaking device, but most importantly, it’s designed specifically with bikers in mind. It’s a lifesaving device, and equally as important as your helmet. This is why we’ve made sure it’s included in all our policies: third-party, third-party with theft, and all risks (comprehensive). No matter which type of insurance you choose, ReMoto will always be by your side.

How do I activate it?

  • STEP 1 -  You receive the device

    First things first. As soon as you take out the insurance, Caser will send you the documentation by email and when your policy enters into force, we’ll send your “ReMoto Welcome Pack”, complete with the device. All this from the comfort of your own home!

  • STEP 2 -  Download the Caser ReMoto app

    Create an account and add your motorbike registration.


  • STEP 3 -  Attach the device

    Attach it to the inside of the glove compartment or seat and follow the steps on the app until the message “You’re now connected to ReMoto” pops up.

FAQs regarding the device

Below, we clear up any doubts you might have now that you’re better acquainted with the Caser ReMoto device.

Of course not. The biker decides whether to activate it or not. However, if not activated, your motorcycle safety may be jeopardised given that assistance cannot be sent automatically to your rescue.

Battery life is approximately one year. If it starts to run out, you’ll be notified via the app.

No. First of all, the app requires your location to be activated no matter where you are, but the location is only sent to Caser if an accident is detected. Don’t forget that the device is designed to save lives, not to keep an eye on you.

No. Even if you activate your location services, Caser only knows your location in the event the device becomes detached, never the speed at which you’re travelling.

No. The ambulance service is only available in Spain.

Yes, it’s compatible with any Apple device (iOS 9.0 or more recent updates) and any smartphone running with the Android 6.0 operating system or later versions.

It is not necessary to return the device; however, once the policy has been cancelled, the device will be rendered void and will have no use whatsoever.

No. The app automatically syncs up with the device whenever you’re near it, and knows when you’re on your bike because of the close distance. You don’t have to activate anything.

No. We can only send help your way when the app is connected to the ReMoto device.