Caser Assistance Expat family legal advice

What does your Caser Asistencia Expat family legal advice services cover?


Caser Asistencia provides you with a helpline that, with its team of experts, will advise you on any legal queries that arise in your personal and family life and that can be found in the terms and conditions of the Contract.


The duration of the cover will be for one year from when the policy is taken out.


Advice and management for inheritance, legal advice for families and psychological help. Unlimited legal advice, 24hr service and management of the inheritance process. Both consultations and written advice must detail events that relate to Spanish Law, to the jurisdiction, to Spanish tribunals and which took place in Spain.

Scope and constraints of the service

Legal advice service we provide.

Aware that legal advice is under increasing demand in our current society, Caser Asistencia provides its clients with a legal advice service that, with a specialized team of experts, will advise on any legal queries that arise in one’s personal and family life.


Legal advice over the phone

Clients are provided with a legal advice over the phone which informs them on how to confront any legal issues that come up in their personal and family life.

Clients can get in contact over the phone with Caser Asistencia 24 hours a day to discuss the legal advice they need. For this first call, clients will outline what they would like advice on and state their phone number and when they can be contacted. For up to 24 hours a legal advisor will speak to the client over the phone to discuss their legal issues.

Clients can be advised on the following issues:


Sales, Rent, Domestic services, Neighbors and Works


Marriage and unmarried partners, Children’s’ rights and Inheritance


Fines, Admin, Insurance companies, Traffic accidents, legal cases and compensations and Taxes

Personalízalo Seguros de Accidentes Personales

Crimes or misconduct, Complaints and Court cases


Sales and deposits, Qualified professional services, Medical and hospital services, Travel, tourism & hostel services, Teaching and school transport services, Cleaning services, Removals, Repair services, Financial and insurance services, Water, gas, electricity & phone services

Earnings declarations

Individual or group statements, Pension plans and Formal inquiries on taxes


Work contracts, Expiring contracts, Compensations and legal cases, Retirement, Work regulations, Accidents and illnesses at work, Social Security benefits, Taxes

Writing out contracts and other written documents

Clients can have documents, relating to their personal or family life, written out for them or checked by experts.

Changes and revisions to these documents are done in under 72 working hours from when clients hand over the necessary details. The presentation and processing of these documents for clients is not included in the guarantee.

Documents which are included in the service are listed below:

  • Sales agreements
  • Claim letters for the delay in handing over the home or for hidden flaws and problems with the home
  • Reviewing of documents from the property register and other documentation provided by the client to verify the state of charges and embargos of the building and of its owner
  • Revision of the preparatory minutia of the purchase deed before it is granted by a notary
  • Revision of the preparatory minutia of articles of association for mortgages, subrogation and cancellation before it is granted by a notary
  • Leasing contract. Claim letters from the landlord to the tenant for works carried out without consent, failure to pay rent and subletting without consent.
  • Claim letters from the tenant to the landlord so that necessary works are carried out on the home
  • Letters from the landlord for the updating of the rent and renewal or letters from the tenant against the updating of rent or renewal
  • Claim letters to the Community or to other owners due to unhealthy, dangerous or frustrating activities. (noise, smoke)
  • Letter to the Community’s mayor requesting for an item to be added to the agenda for meetings
  • Letters to the Community mayor presenting one’s opposition to an agreement taken by the Board of Owners
  • Letter to the secretary of the Community, requesting documents from the community (bylaws, rules for internal procedures, minutes from a meeting)
  • Claim letters for undue charges and for the failure to fulfill a contract
  • Promotion or construction businesses, reform businesses, electronic or other repairs businesses, payment for TV channels, telephone companies, electricity suppliers, gas and water, dry cleaners, car garages, car dealerships
  • Claim letters to Banks for undue charges, for the failure to comply with a contract, unfair terms; and claim documents to the Bank of Spain.
  • Claim letters for the purchase of goods (over the phone or on the internet) with unfair charges, returns, failure for product to be delivered, flaws in the product
  • Consumer complaints to public offices, requests for adjudication
  • Written documents, that refer to the following terms and require consultation under these conditions, are included
  • Pleadings against administrative fines, except speed camera fines
  • Written complaints to the authorities for compensation when the authorities damage goods and interfere with the insured party’s rights
  • Letters informing the town hall of any small works carried out on your home
  • Written documents for authorities’ asset liabilities
  • Complaints letters for asset liability of the authorities
  • Status requests for administrative processes
  • Letters asking for express judgment
  • Any other claim letters to public authorities
  • Written claims to insurance companies
  • Written documents addressed to the general management of an insurance company
  • Both consultations and written advice must detail events that relate to Spanish Law, to the jurisdiction, to Spanish tribunals and which took place in Spain
  • Job offers
  • Job contracts
  • Written letters from employees at a Company relating to labor relations
  • Claims for due payments
  • Claims for fractionation and postponement of tax liabilities

Scope and constraints of the service

Legal service we provide – law firms

If due to the nature or complexity of the issue that arises you need a personalized service in a law firm, Caser Asistencia provides you with a wide network of counsels who will give you a free first consultation and unique pricing for the next ones.

Scope and constraints of the service

Legal service we provide - contact with a national network of administrative agencies

Access to a national network of administrative agencies for the assessing most procedures and management of public administration at a state, autonomous or local level.

Management of vehicle and driver registrations:

Management of discharges and changes of car ownership and of drivers

Moving house:

Notifying the traffic authorities of a change of address both for the registration certificate and for their drivers license

License renewal:

Management of the renewal of the driver’s license

Transfer of a vehicle:

The transfer of a vehicle will be managed when a client buys a vehicle with a Spanish license plate

Notice of sale:

When a client discloses a vehicle with a Spanish license plate the notice of sale will be passed on to the traffic authorities


Registration of a vehicle from abroad in a national territory will be managed by Caser Asistencia who will get in contact with the relevant traffic authorities